Harmonious - Architectural Structure and BioBeauty / Yuan-Yi Fan & F.Myles Sciotto

Commissioned by ZERO1 with support from the James Irvine Foundation and funded by UCSB Media Arts and Technology

Harmonious is a project conceived around the nature of translating signals and their inherent nature of existing in 2d into a world of 3d. This process of adding a spatial dimension as extension will undergo a process of both temporal and spatial analysis. The topic of mapping is of significant interest to us and how this process can be utilized for more rigorous and specific understanding of the source data. Going beyond the initial notion of visualization and sonification to one of more physical dimension, we call it objectification. The process of turning the data into a physical object able to be understood by existing in space and stimulating the tactile and haptic nature of existence. We believe objectifying will help in expanding beyond in creating new and novel ways to experience the data, just as experience is what created the data in the first place. Harmonious is a synergy of signal and harmonics, of architecture and proportion. Building worlds in the analysis of our visceral resonance.

September 14, 2012, 6:00pm - 12:00am
S. 1st Street (from San Carlos to Reed)
SoFA District, San Jose

Yuan-Yi Fan & F.Myles Sciotto

live and work in Los Angeles, CA


Yuan-Yi Fan is interested in resonance phenomenon within hemodynamics and he looks for methodologies to manufacture artistic representation that inherits and preserves its discourse. F.Myles Sciotto is interested in the role of harmonics within the biological process of the brain to inform the design of spatial interfaces and new architectures. Both Yuan-Yi and F.Myles are fascinated with natural patterns in the body and the processes of translating them to inform the external world. They started collaborating, as a group named “Oooscil8” in 2012, while pursuing their PhD’s at UCSB’s Media Arts and Technology program, interested in exploring the mapping of natural patterns in the organic body to multi-modal systems and constructs.