Pe Lang


United States
37° 47' 45.726" N, 122° 24' 12.312" W
Sounds of Science

Presented by swissnex San Francisco

Artists, researchers, and engineers are all driven by an innate curiosity to explore, experiment, and play. By sharing tools, processes, and methods with each other, they can amplify their unique perspectives.

Pe Lang, an Artist in Residence at the Exploratorium, creates kinetic objects to demonstrate physical and mechanical phenomena, material research, and their sound components. Charles Lindsay is intrigued by our rapid ascent from early primates to astronauts and curious about the role technological evolution plays in all aspects of metacognition and consciousness. Devices increasingly ‘see’ and ‘think’ for us. What does life on earth suggest about what intelligent life might look or sound like elsewhere in the universe?

In conjunction with the ZERO1: Art and Technology Biennial exhibition, where Pe Lang presents two installations, swissnex is hosting the two artists to speak about their artistic processes and perform their “research.”

Pe Lang will perform “cl_loop” using magnets as sound sources with different frequencies and two handmade devices, one that functions as a sensor and one as an electromagnet. Just by moving the magnets, the artist “composes” the sounds created by introducing different materials that alter the magnet’s acoustic qualities.

Lindsay will speak about his hybrid artistic process and installations, followed by a live presentation that stems from his “Trout Fishing in Space” performances. He will perform the live sound and video piece “NEAR(ER),” made in response to research on the emotional variations between direct organic experience versus technologically mediated and processed experience.

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