Baby Work / Shu Lea Cheang

Co-commissioned by ZERO1 with support from the Taipei Cultural Council and Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice (ELMCIP), University of Edinburgh with residency support from APO33 in Nantes, France.

BABY WORK is the third installment of Cheang’s Locker Baby project (2001 – 2012). BABY WORK imagines a post-keyboard Etrashscape where defunct keyboards, keys scattered - A to Z, 0 and 1, letters and numbers, icons and symbols, broken words, forgotten memory. BABY WORK designates the public visiting the gallery as the (clone) babies who are entrusted to store and retrieve human ME (memory|emotion) data. By collecting and rearranging used keys and composing words into collective sonic expression, the public are situated as active participants in a post-crash scifi scenario. You are the baby. Work.

Project team includes Ming Long Chiang and Julian Ottavi.

This project is presented as part of the exhibition 
Seeking Silicon Valley at the ZERO1 Garage 
September 12-December 8, 2012
Admission is free

Shu Lea Cheang

lives and works in Paris, France

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Shu Lea Cheang is a media artist, conceptualist, networker and filmmaker. Her works traverse between hard/soft, sex/politics, fiction/reality, fantasia/earth-bound. She applies network-based technology for cross-disciplinary collaboration and public participatory installation/performance. Originally from Taiwan, she lived worked in New York for 20 years (1997-2007), and has since relocated to the eurozone to further pursue her art practices. Her noted works include BRANDON, a one year web narrative (1998-1999) commissioned by Guggenheim Museum, New York, Locker Baby project (2001 – 2012) in 3 parts – Baby Play (2001, exhibited at NTT[ICC], Tokyo), Baby Love (2005, exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, Paris and the ZERO1 Biennial, 2006) and Baby Work (2012), UKI (2009-2012), Moving Forest (2008 – 2012, Transmediale Berlin and London 2012).