SENSOREE GER Play-formance / Kristin Neidlinger / SENSOREE

SENSOREE GER Play-formance is a vignette of games which inspire the participants to use their bodies as the joystick. With SENSOREEs GER - Galvanic Extimacy Responder - Mood Sensor designs, players learn to control their calm and excited states, communicate their moods through reflective feedback, and experiment with “effecting the affect of the other.”

A portion of the SENSOREE Gym will be installed. The SENSOREE Gym is sensory circuit training. A network of SENSOREE Apparatus provides a series of exercises that realigns the sensorium – the body’s ability to assimilate stimuli. This experience reboots the body and focuses the mind.

Some photos of work in progress:       


September 14, 2012, 6:00pm - 12:00am
S. 1st Street (from San Carlos to Reed)
SoFA District, San Jose

Kristin Neidlinger / SENSOREE

lives and works in San Francisco, CA

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kristin neidlinger —  future concepts design, sensoree founder — crafts phenomenal technology to enhance and expand physical embodiment. She is interested in how technology increases body awareness and to what extents. kristin has a past as a classically trained ballerina, Dance Medicine Specialist, and kinetic costume designer. She holds an MFA in Interactive Design from CCA, 2010, and has performed and exhibited works from Berlin to Belgium to Brazil.

SENSOREE is an art and technology design lab crafting therapeutic, sensitive technology, and extimacy – externalized intimacy.

SENSOREE designs future fabrics and smart textiles for wearable technology and interactive installations. Our whimsical designs create external nervous systems that inspire body awareness, insight, spontaneity, and fun!

SENSOREE explores the SCI: Sensory Computer Interface as they investigate proximity, intimacy, telepathy, intuition, and humor between human and machine.


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