Artistic License in Silicon Valley / Streaming Museum

Commissioned by the Streaming Museum for the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial

Artistic License in Silicon Valley is an exhibition for screens presenting unique perceptions of technology in global digital culture created by internationally known contemporary artists. This program will be presented at the ZERO1 Urban Screen.

Projects and Artists Included are:

The invisible city (2004) by Michael Najjar
Sensory fluid imagery of the megacities New York, Mexico City, São Paulo, Paris, Berlin, London, Shanghai, and Tokyo explores telematic space and the future development of global cities as the material embodiment of information density.

04302011 (2011) by Sophie Kahn 
Laser portraits that appear incomplete and fragmented as a result of disruptions caused by the models’ movement and breathing during the scanning process, suggest a metaphor of instability in our digitally mediated identities.

Emotion Forecast (2010) (Video Version) Maurice Benayoun 
This real-time data visualization artwork depicts the Internet as the nervous system of the world by measuring 48 emotions on websites related to current events in more than 3200 cities worldwide, revealing the results in a hyperactive map. 

Gen 244 (2011) by Scott Draves
Artificial intelligence and human designers come together in this generative, participatory “cloud art” work made with mathematics and Darwinian evolution by Draves’ Electric Sheep open source code. The essence of life is created in digital form in the artwork's cyborganic mind comprised of 450,000 computers and people who vote on their favorite designs which reproduce according to a genetic algorithm. 

HI, A Real Human Interface (2009) by Multi-touch Barcelona
This film imagines the concept of personal computer quite literally as possessing life-like qualities of human companions, by embedding a human being inside of one.

Facebook Re-enactments (2009) (Video Version) by Ursula Endlicher
The artist bridges the gap between the Internet, physical reality and performance, impersonating people who share the same name on Facebook.

#NewAestheticVideo (2012) by Mark Amerika
This mock trailer for a movie that was never made but lives on the Web as a distributed narrative, refers to an eponymous artist whose artistic presence and remixed persona is a mashup of mobile phone videos, animated gifs, Google Earth glitch imagery, and the corrupting presence of a literary voice summoned from the digital-beyond.

ZERO1 Urban Screen
300 S. 1st Street
Premieres September 14 at 9:30pm
With additional screenings on September 15, 2012

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