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Chico & Chang

From a low-rider rickshaw to work made by “Dreamers,” undocumented youth who are fighting to gain legal status, Chico and Chang examines the impact of Asian and Latino cultures on the changing face of California through sculpture, video, illustration and painting.

In our ever-changing society, the word “diversity” is more than a cliché. It is a call to action that is necessary for growth and adaptability. Results of the 2010 census show a continuing shift of California’s ethnic composition. Latinos and Asians have accounted for the majority of California’s population growth since 2000, a statistic that is accurately represented in San Jose. Immigrant communities directly impact the look and feel of our community, from our diverse residential neighborhoods to downtown businesses and restaurants. 

Chico & Chang, originally curated in 2011 by Kevin B. Chen for Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco, explores the interwoven and sometimes incongruous cultures of two of California’s largest populations, the Latino and Asian communities, through irreverent humor and inspiring candor. Posing complex questions about the assumption and construction of culture, the work in this exhibition provides opportunity to see where the boundaries of these two cultures begin, intersect and sometimes collide.

Participating artists include Pablo Cristi, Sergio De La Torre, Takehito Etani, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Mike Lai, Angelica Muro and Juan Luna-Avin, Favianna Rodriguez, Lordy Rodriguez, Tracey Snelling and Charlene Tan.


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