Time and Again / Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukacs

Presented by ZERO1 with the financial support of the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam. Courtesy of Gallery Akinci, Amsterdam


The work Time and Again (2011) is a contemporary vanitas-motif reflecting on the surface of our culture, seen as an elastic network of virtual realities in which decay and resurrection go hand in hand. In the video projection one sees a polygon model of a lily decaying and blooming at the same time. The lily, itself a symbol of eternal beauty and purity, appears as a white light on the wall. An arabesque that is not bound to time and space, fixed in an eternal now.

This project is presented as part of the exhibition 
Seeking Silicon Valley at the ZERO1 Garage 
September 12-December 8, 2012
Admission is free

Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukacs

live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Paris, France

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Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukacs work in a wide variety of media–most notably video, animation and graphics- producing a myriad of works that reflect on the ornamental nature of today's society. With intricate layers of depersonalization, imagination and re-mediation they animate the collective myths that characterize contemporary culture. Their work is shown in filmfestivals, museums and galleries and broadcasted on TV worldwide. Recent exhibitions/screenings include: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam / Centre Pompidou, Paris / IFFR, Rotterdam / MUHKA Antwerp / LAForum, Los Angeles / Experimenta Media Arts Biennial, Australia and more.