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Women, Art, and Technology: An Uneasy Access?

“Women, Art, and Technology: An Uneasy Access?” is presented in conjunction with the exhibition, “Future Imagined: What Next?” part of the ZERO1 2012 Biennial. The exhibition highlights the interplay between artists, technologists and scientists as they converge to test the artistic limits of the possible in a technologically driven world. This complementary public forum brings together a diverse set of practitioners who are forging the creative edges of art, science, and technology. The focus will be on the triumphs and challenges of being a woman working in a technology-based art practice. The women on our panel will recount the contributions they make as innovators and entrepreneurs and will share their perspectives on how to prosper in a technological environment in which men predominate. The forum also seeks to find answers to underlying questions, such as: “Is the presence of successful women in the current digital boom causing a power shift?” “Are successful women breaking gender and cultural barriers and advancing an agenda that will benefit women as a whole?”

Renowned artist JD Beltran will lead this provocative discussion of opportunities and challenges facing women working in the field of art and technology.

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