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The Future Imagined: What's Next?

Creativity, innovation, and evolution are the hallmarks of the Silicon Valley, a world leader in technological breakthroughs that often bring progress and societal benefits. Silicon Valley is hub of invention, innovation and discovery where great ideas become greater realities. The Future Imagined: What’s Next? is an exhibition that will offer glimpses of uncharted territories in our, “new brave world.” That is changing in fundamental ways as we navigate in unchartered territories. Inspired by innovations all around the globe, invited artists will engage emergent technologies, to create new visions and imaginative objects for the future challenging us to experience the enigma called Silicon Valley in new terms. The Future Imagined salutes the invention and vitality that defines Silicon Valley and how it interfaces with industries such as genetics, MRI, energy, robotics, augmented reality, information design, architecture and urban design. The exhibition highlights the interplay between artists, technologists and scientists as they converge to artistically test the limits of what is possible in a technologically driven world.

The Future Imagined will feature interactive models, electronic objects multimedia digital video, augmented reality, sound installations, emerging forms and new genres installations. These works will seek to facilitate a fresh discourse about contemporary art in the Digital Age: One that is deeply rooted in the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the Silicon Valley.

Participating artists include Kirkman Amyx, Michael Bartalos, Chris Bell, JD Beltran (collaboration with Nigel Poor), Philip Alden Benn (collaboration with Peter Belkin), Guillermo Bert, Antonio Cortez, Nicholas de Monchaux, Allan de Souza, Ala Ebtekar, Sean Fletcher, Michal Gavish, Daniel Jushua Goldstein, Laura Greig, Farley Gwazda, Robin Hill, Theodora Varnay Jones, Pantea Karimi (collaboration with Daniel Konhauser), Carrie Katz, Jon Kuzmich, David Middlebrook, Penny Nii, Luke Ogrydziak, Maggie Orth, Nigel Poor, Renee Rhodes, Tim Roseborough, Paolo Salvagione, Tessie Barrera Scharaga, DC Spensley, Scott Summit, Corinne Whitaker, and Kenneth Wilkes.

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