Actual Reality / Lucky Dragons

Presented by Southern Exposure, with support from ZERO1


In conjunction with the ZERO1 Biennial’s performance series 9 Evenings, Lucky Dragons will perform their live score and multi-channel video work, written for four Bay Area flute players and a moiré pattern video feedback mixing program. Actual Reality is a term that we use as a foil to reflect upon nuanced degrees of the imaginary. In this performance, Lucky Dragons develops a multi-layered work, resynthesizing recordings of past iterations of the piece as presented in slightly different forms, uncentering the original work and allowing us to bounce between the various live and echoed components.

Friday, November 2
Free Admission

Lucky Dragons

live and work in Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles based duo Lucky Dragons (Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck) creates performative works incorporating musical orchestration, live mixed video, and audience collaboration in a non-hierarchical multi-media spectacle.