REACT – an artwork reaction trader / Kelsey Innis, Anna Billstrom, Helen Mair
Created to inspire visitor interaction during the ZERO1 Biennial, React is designed as a forum for visitors to respond to the artworks they are experiencing. Presenting more intimate and crowd-curated feedback than is available with twitter or facebook, React hopes to delight and surprise users, potential leading to further forms of interaction.
Built into the Biennial's guide app, React invites visitors to share their reactions to work of art they are viewing via text or drawing. Participant are presented with 2 other anonymous responses to the same work. A simple voting system creates the crowd sourced and crowd curated gallery of critiques for each work in the Biennial.
React uses geolocation to help users know which artworks are in there vicinity, aiming to create a realtime response.

Kelsey Innis, Anna Billstrom, Helen Mair

live and work in San Francisco, CA & London, UK


The React team formed during the ZERO1 HackFlux weekend at San Francisco's The Glint in June 2012. With complimentary skills the team quickly conceived, designed and built the React prototype over the weekend. The project then was selected for inclusion in the Biennial's guide. The team have since collaborated together on other projects.

Kelsey is a front-end engineer who moonlights in backend development. She is currently employed at StackMob where she uses Scala and Liftweb. When not developing, Kelsey can be found on the bleachers of any SF Giants game. Kelsey has built the backend for React.

Anna is a mobile social game developer, some of her projects can be found under in the Apple Store. By day she is the lead developer at She grew up in Cupertino when Apple was just a glint in someone's eye. Anna built the iOS and Andriod ZERO1 Biennial guide app that host React. She is also super excited to be involved in the Living Map Project.

Helen designs graphics and digital interactions for mobile and web projects. Based in London, she is interested in exploring and creating new forms of social interaction. Helen has also designed the ZERO1 Biennial guide app which included React, and is the creative direction behind the Living Map Project.