Cooperative Gaming Co-Op / John Bruneau and James Morgan

Presented by Works/San Jose

The golden era of the arcades is long gone and the revival of the 90s a distant memory. It’s now up to the people to reclaim the space. The arcade was more than a place that devoured our allowances one quarter at a time, it was a place to play in public, to impress your friends, to socialize. The giant, sturdy pieces of brightly painted furniture enticingly covered with a smattering of eye-catching graphics sold us on the games before we played them. We watched the masters develop their skill quarter after quarter. The space was alive with interaction, community and conversation.

The Cooperative Gaming Coop looks both backwards and forwards, into the legacy of gaming on one hand and its possible future one the other. We have invited experts to curate video game cabinets, to bring together the best and most interesting work from a huge variety of sources, including local students, to share their games as well. The range of represented work will be enormous, expect to play games by people you have never heard of and people who will affect the future of the industry. We invite people of all ages to visit our “Game Coop”. Trade games, old games, new games, games you made.  This is a space that we own as gamers. This is a place where we Share and Play together.

The Arcade is Dead. Long Live the Arcade.


There will be a swap meet throughout the entire time that this work is shown. The audience can bring their own old video games that they no longer want and trade with others for their video games.

September 7-October 13, 2012
Thursdays 12pm - 4pm, Fridays 12pm - 6pm, Saturdays 12pm - 4pm
Free Admission
Cooperative Gaming Coop Opening
6:30 to 9:00, Saturday
Works Gallery

John Bruneau and James Morgan

live and work in San Jose, CA


John Bruneau and James Morgan are internationally exhibiting new media artists, and have worked with games and game art collaborations for many years.  Both are current faculty at SJSU, where they teach art classes in game studies, development and programming. Bruneau is one of the original founders of the Game Development Club at SJSU. Morgan provides expertise to SJSU’s Learning and Games Initiative. The Cooperative Gaming Coop is there most recent curation project in a dynamic series of Museum and Gallery shows focusing on games as art.

Guest Artists and Curators:
Anna Anthropy, Sarah Brin, Zach Gage, Bit Collective, Alex Kerfoot and
Mars Jokela, Gabriel Menotti, SJSU Game Development Club