Pi in the Sky / Ishky

Presented in collaboration with Airsign

ISHKY has brought together a team of artists, programmers and scientists to give life to a compelling vision that a community of millions will directly experience. At 10,000 feet altitude, a team of five synchronized aircraft equipped with dot-matrix technology will skywrite the first 1,000 numbers of Pi's infinite sequence. The aircraft will fly in a 100+ mile loop around the San Francisco Bay Area. Each number will measure over a quarter-mile in height. A sixth plane will fly above the writing team, documenting the entire process. ISHKY has also partnered with Stamen Design, a world-class creative firm specializing in data-visualization, to develop a platform for the public to document and share experiences of the event. The piece will begin above the ZERO1 Garage in San Jose and will follow a flight path determined by ISHKY to include a pantheon of educational and mathematics institutions. Within moments of execution (3.14159265...), the specific meaning of the numbers in the sky will be lost. The piece will dissolve into an unprecedented visual anomaly that prompts curiosity, providing rich opportunity for social interaction. The mass ephemeral intervention is scheduled to appear, as weather permits, sometime between Sept 12 and 16. 


Look UP!

Pi In The Sky  will appear above the ZERO 1 Garage at approximately 11:45AM and then again at 1:30PM on September 12th weather permitting. Have cameras ready and send photos and impressions to: 

Email them toc@ISHKY.com
Tweet them to: @ISHKYStudios with the hashtag #piinthesky, #pi. 
Post them on our Facebook page
Tag them in your Instagram feed: #piinthesky, #pi 

Flights are schedule to take on September 12th,


lives and works in San Francisco, CA

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ISHKY is California-born artist with Bachelor of Science degree from UC Berkeley. For more than 25 years, ISHKY has been working on public projects of extraordinary scale and reach. As a professional communicator and designer, the creative agency he founded has helped name and create visual identities for infrastructure projects totalling more than $15B in civic investment. His work has focused on public space, public health, public safety, public utilities and public transit. Today ISHKY is championing the public art project titled The Bay Lights, a monumental-scale light sculpture placed on the west span of the Bay Bridge.