OSSI – the first launching / Hojun Song

Presented by ZERO1

Open Source Satellite Initiative – the first launching (2008 - present)
After 4 years of work, Hojun Song is launching his first satellite on August 31, 2012 as an individual – the first private satellite. By sharing his actions online in real time, he challenging issues of the individual vs. institution, art vs. technology, science vs. fantasy, and hope vs. politics. In the exhibition, Hojun Song's four year journey will be shared via screen. And every time the satellite passes over the exhibition site and the station successfully receives the signal, the contents of the satellite archive sync and react.

This project is presented as part of the exhibition 
Seeking Silicon Valley at the ZERO1 Garage 
September 12-December 8, 2012
Admission is free

Hojun Song

lives and works in Seoul, S. Korea

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Hojun Song's work is about making narratives and bringing questions by implementing absurd objects like radiation jewelry and the strongest weapon in the world. Currently he's working to launch his own small satellite. His satellite project encompasses hard core engineering to T shirts graphic designs. By showing a series of work, Hojun Song will like to question some of conventional thoughts on art, design and science and eventually, he shows how to link those to our daily issues.