Gambiological Armor / Gambiologia

Additional pieces commissioned by ZERO1 for the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial, original work commisioned by (2008)

Gambiological Armor (2008/2012), a series of pieces commissioned by in 2008, including “Bag”, “Belt”, “Glasses”, “Helmet”, “Iphone” and “Shoephone” are presented alongside two new pieces specifically commissioned by ZER01 for the exhibition Seeking Silicon Valley. Gambiological Armor is the first work of Gambiologia which defined the basis of this movement. It is (non-)interactive clothing built from old parts, which are inspired on the aesthetics of ‘gambiarra’, Brazilian’s DIY culture. The armor is a work of building electronics with an anthropophagic accent that ends up looking like contemporary Steampunk. By using recycled gear, it brings a new meaning to the technological context assuming an attitude of creative re-contextualization of materials commonly understood as trash. The creation of artifacts in an improvised manner portrays the metropolis’ spontaneity of everyday life, while also offering an analysis of the perishability and reinvention of technology. In a context in which the excess of discarded objects accumulating over the surface of the globe is a crucial issue, the armor also proposes a parody on the excess of gadgets carried by the contemporary citizen.

This project is presented as part of the exhibition 
Seeking Silicon Valley at the ZERO1 Garage 
September 12-December 8, 2012
Admission is free


live and work in Belo Horizonte, Brazil


‘Gambiarra’ is the Brazilian practice of makeshifts, the art of resorting to quirky and smart improvisation in order to repair what doesn’t work or to create what is needed with what is at disposal. Gambiologia is the ‘science of gambiarra’ that studies this form of creative improvisation and celebrates it by combining it with electronic-digital techniques. Gambiologia is also the name of a Brazilian collective - Fred Paulino, Lucas Mafra and Paulo Henrique Pessoa ‘The Goose’ - who mix this art of improvisation with DIY culture & technology to develop electronic artifacts. They form an “open source” group that promote artworks, product design, exhibitions, interventions and free workshops. Gambiologia is a collaborative project with Graffiti Research Lab Brasil. It was awarded with an Honorary Mention on Interactive Arts at Prix Ars Electronica. The group is currently working on an experimental magazine called FACTA.