Eve Sussman


United States
37° 47' 8.3652" N, 122° 24' 4.4496" W

Eve Sussman, whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir (still), 2009-11; courtesy Eve Sussman

whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir is a film that unfolds uniquely with each screening.  The overarching narrative remains constant: we follow the story of Holz, a geophysicist in the dystopian Siberian town of City-A, who tries to unravel the methods and motives of his shadowy new employer.  Yet the manner in which the story unfolds is in endless flux.  The film is live-edited by a computer, dubbed the “Serendipity Machine,” whose algorithm assembles the film from a cache of thousands of video and sound fragments.  Poetic juxtapositions emerge and propel a narrative without beginning or end, but with an infinite number of middle moves. 

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