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(e)MERGE: ZERO1 Street Festival

Join us in re-imagining San Jose’s SoFA District to look and feel how people imagine Silicon Valley to be. (e)MERGE* is the ZERO1 Biennial street festival featuring outdoor projects by over 100 emerging artists whose innovative and experimental works engage with a range of exciting new technologies. 

(e)MERGE* Street Festival:
Friday September 14, 2012
 from 6pm-Midnight and Saturday September 15th from 11am-6pm
SoFA district in downtown San Jose
(on South First Street between San Carlos & Reed Streets)
Free Open to the public 

12:00pm – Nick Lally's 1st bike tour of Silicon Valley leaves from Menlo Park Caltrain Station

6:45pm – Nick Lally's celebratory bicycle tour arrives in SoFA 

6:50pm - Mike Lai's Sonic Kung Fu 2 begins on the street

7:00pm – Three Bodies Performance #1, 500 block, at MACLA Theater

7:15pm - UC Berkeley's Ashley Ferro-Murray & Erin Johnson perform Tulle/Tool in front of the San Jose Stage Company

7:50pm - Mike Lai's Sonic Kung Fu 2 performance begins on the Music Stage at Gore Park

 8:00pm – Amy Alexander & Annina Rust's Discotrope: The Secret Nightlife of Solar Cells Set #1, junction of S. 1st Street & San Salvador

8:00pm – Three Bodies performance #2, 500 block at MACLA Theater

8:30pm – Micha Cardenas, Karen Anzoategui, Bianca Molina & Allison Wyper perform Local Autonomy Networks/Autonets, 400 block throughout S. 1st Street

9:00pm – Three Bodies performance #3, 500 block at MACLA Theater

9:15pm – Eve Warnock, Colin McDonald & Tina Matthews perform Denizen, from 300 S. 1st Street

9:30pm – Amy Alexander & Annina Rust SolarDisco 2nd set, intersection of S. 1st St. & San Carlos St.

10:00pm – Three Bodies performance #4, 500 block at MACLA Theater

10:15pm – UC Berkeley's Ashley Ferro-Murray and Erin Johnson performance #2, S. 1st Street in front of San Jose Stage Company

11:00pm – UCSD Disco 3nd set, junction of S. 1st Street & San Salvador

6:45pm April Chase http://www.facebook.com/aprilchasemusic

8:00pm French Cassettes http://frenchcassettes.bandcamp.com/

9:00pm The Blank Tapes http://www.theblanktapes.com/

10:00pm Seventeen Evergreen http://www.seventeenevergreen.com/

11:00am – 2nd bike tour of Silicon Valley with artist Nick Lally at his installation space at (e)MERGE

2:30pm – Slow Mail Mail Call at (e)MERGE Performance (Horses arrive at 2pm)

Learn More about the (e)MERGE* Artists!

Also open late! Come see Biennial art exhibitions at the ZERO1 Garage (439 S. 1st Street) plus the Tech Museum,  ICA, MACLA, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, WORKS/San Jose and more!

 *Not to be confused with or in association with the (e)merge Art Fair

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