Until Every Shape Has Found its City / Elia Vargas and Nathan Blaz

Commissioned by ZERO1 with support from the James Irvine Foundation

Until Every Shape Has Found Its City is a live adaptive media experience. Until Every Shape is a live video and audio performance relying on sensors and situational audience participation to alter a video narrative so that it plays out differently each time an audience views it. Most importantly, it plays out differently depending on the actions of the viewers present and the particular ambience and environmental factors of the performance location. Until Every Shape is the story of a young woman who desires to build a bench and carry it to different public locations, then observe the consequences of introducing the new object into these different environments. Each video shoot in different locations is a mixture of staged scenes and documentation of real events in which the bench is brought into the new location. For each performance, the environment design/installation plays a primary role in the audience’s interaction with the performance. The first performances occurred at Liminal Space in Oakland, CA on June 8th and 9th, 2012.

September 14, 2012, 6:00pm - 12:00am
S. 1st Street (from San Carlos to Reed)
SoFA District, San Jose

Elia Vargas and Nathan Blaz

live and work in Oakland, CA

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Elia Vargas is filmmaker and adaptive media artist. His work aims to bridge the gap between immersive interactivity and video. He has worked with artists including: Bjork, Vincent Moon, and Scott Snibbe. Currently, he is an instructor and graduate student in Conceptual Information Arts at San Francisco State University.

Nathan Blaz is a cellist and composer based in Oakland, CA. He studied cello and music synthesis at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Nathan is a recording and touring member of San Francisco-based Geographer, an indie rock band.