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System Operations is a program of new works in video curated by Kenneth White for the Eli Ridgway Gallery in cooperation with the Zero1 Biennial. The program will run continuously during regular gallery hours from September 22 thru December 6, 2012 in the Project Space of the Eli Ridgway Gallery.

System Operations is a program of new video about systems: systems that we use, and systems that use us. The word “system” has accrued a diverse range of associations - constructive and destructive. It may denote order in a political, economic, ecological, or technological sense. “Operating systems” -- collections of software and hardware in the form of computers, phones, and tablets -- are ubiquitous. The newest “OS” promises improved efficiency, complexity, and control. “The System” is also something that may be fought against.

The artists in System Operations use video to explore the functions and dysfunctions of systems. Video is their means to participate, diagnose, and resist. Video is their tool for ambivalent declarations from inside and outside structures of prevailing notions of order. At the juncture of art and technology, the videos of System Operations aim to provoke new engagements with the systems and their operations that determine our histories, our present, and our possible futures.

Artists in System Operations include: Christine Ancalmo (San Francisco), Jeremy Bailey (Toronto), Joe Barone (New York), Anne Colvin (San Francisco), Theo Eshetu (Rome), Wineke Gartz (Amsterdam), Marianna Milhorat (Montreal), Julie Perini (Portland, Oregon), Tasman Richardson (Toronto), David K. Ross (Montreal), and Tom Sherman (South Shore, Nova Scotia).

Kenneth White is a PhD candidate in the Department of Art & Art History at Stanford University. His writing has appeared in Screen, Conveyor, and the Millennium Film Journal, among other periodicals and books. White's video programs at Eli Ridgway Gallery comprise his fourth curatorial collaboration with the gallery.

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