Seeking Silicon Valley


United States
37° 19' 45.354" N, 121° 53' 9.1824" W
United States
37° 19' 45.354" N, 121° 53' 9.1824" W
Biennial Exhibition at the ZERO1 Garage

Under the thematic Seeking Silicon Valley, the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial proposes that contemporary art practice can re-imagine the idea, the place, and the experience of Silicon Valley. However, the ZERO1 Biennial is not only about the geographical region of Silicon Valley; it’s about investigating how the process of seeking can create a platform for creativity and experimentation centered in Silicon Valley while inviting contributions from around the world.


ZERO1’s Biennial exhibition, also titled Seeking Silicon Valley, will remain on display at the ZERO1 Garage from September 12 - December 8, 2012 and will serve as the network hub for all Biennial programming. The exhibition features the work of 24 artists representing 11 different countires.


Reflecting the networked nature of Silicon Valley, the exhibition structure experiments with a networked model of collaborative curation. The curatorial team includes Jaime Austin (ZERO1’s Curator and Director of Programs) as Lead Curator, and exhibition co-curators Dooeun Choi (South Korea), Gisela Domschke (Brazil), Michelle Kasprzak (Canada/the Netherlands), and Regina Möller (Germany).

Seeking Silicon Valley Artist List: 
Christopher Baker - Murmur Study (2009)

Lucas Bambozzi Mobile Crash v2 [obsolescence trimmer] (2012)
Aram Bartholl 
Dead Drops (2010 - present)

Nelly Ben Hayoun - International Space Orchestra (2012)
Maurice Benayoun 
Tunnels Around the World (2012)
Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács 
Time and Again (2011)
Shu Lea Cheang 
Baby Work (2012)
Frederik De Wilde 
Scan, Hostage prototype 1.0, V01D-1 (2010/2012)
 - Gambiological Armor (2008/2012)
Christopher Haas 
Discovery - the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial exhibition design
Lynn Hershman Leeson 
Present Tense (2012)
Wendy Jacob 
Squeeze Chair (Blueprint) (2012)
Eduardo Kac
 - Aromapoetry (2011)
Pe Lang 
Moving objects | nº 692 - 803 (2012) and Falling objects | positioning systems (2009-2012)
Jae Rhim Lee 
Decomp Me (2012)
Brain Station 2 (2012)
Michael Najjar 
nasdaq_80-09 (2008-2010)
Marisa Olson 
Star Trek TNG/TLG (2011)
Karina Smigla-Bobinski 
ADA (2010)
Hojun Song 
Open Source Satellite Initiative – the first launching (2008 - present)
Stamen Design 
The City from The Valley (2012)
Stephanie Syjuco 
FREE TEXT: The Open Source Reading Room (2012)
Thomas Thwaites
 - The Toaster Project (2010)
Jegan Vincent de Paul 
Compare+Contrast:Codes of Conduct (2012)

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