September 12th - December 8th, 2012


Also titled Seeking Silicon Valley, the 2012 Biennial exhibition will examine how artists have engaged with the groundbreaking technology that has come to define Silicon Valley—from their role in research institutions to their expertise at “hacking” existing technology platforms to create new forms of expression. The exhibition, which will remain on display from September 12 through mid-December 2012, will be the network hub for all Biennial programming. Reflecting the networked nature of Silicon Valley, the exhibition structure will experiment with a networked model of collaborative curation that we hope will be continued in future biennials. The curatorial team includes: Lead Curator: Jaime Austin (ZERO1’s Curator and Director of Programs) Exhibition Co-Curators: Dooeun Choi (Creative Director, Nabi Center, South Korea) GiselaDomschke (Curator and artist, Brazil) Michelle Kasprzak (Curator, v2_Institute for the Unstable Media and, the Netherlands) Regina Moeller (Artist, Germany).