Ryan & Trevor Oakes

New Work by Ryan & Trevor Oakes


Worth Ryder Art Gallery, UC Berkeley
116 Kroeber Hall, Berkeley CA 94720
United States
37° 52' 11.5716" N, 122° 15' 18.7092" W

Presented by the Worth Ryder Art Gallery, UC Berkeley

Brothers and collaborators, Ryan and Trevor Oakes create detailed drawings which mimic both the details and the shape of human vision. Using a system of their own invention, the Oakes twins employ split focus and a curved easel to render illusionistic space in three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface. Sculptures in cardboard and early matchstick studies further articulate the artists' conception of light rays as they intersect with the human eye to create images of space and volume. 

Colorado-born visual artists and twin brothers, Ryan and Trevor Oakes, have been engaged in a conversation about the nuances of vision since they were children. They explored their mutual fascination with vision throughout grade school and during college at Cooper Union's School of Art in New York City. Since graduating they've continued their dialogue through a body of jointly built art pieces that address human vision, light, perception, and the experience of space and depth in the particular way they have come to understand it.

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