Colonia Techne / BIOS Design Collective

Commissioned by the San Jose Public Art Program with support from the National Endowment for the Arts 

The project is an interactive pavilion that will engage the public through sight and sound. The person experiencing the project will move through a “net” of sensors that interpret movement, sound and proximity and re-interpret that information as a display of light and sound. Colonia Techne will react to its environment and create a new environment through interpretation, thereby changing the paradigm of a typical structure from environmental control to environmental responsiveness. This project takes systemic cues from the cooperative nature of corral reefs. In corral reefs many individuals work in unison (coral polyps) to create the overall reef. Each individual responds to environmental factors that affect the final reef structure. Environmental factors include heat, light, food etc.

Colonia Techne is made using CNC (computer numerical control) milling, which provides for precision cutting allowing designers to explore new methods of and materials for building.

On view at 300 S. 1st Street
from September 12, 2012 - February 2013
Free and open to the public

BIOS Design Collective

live and work in San Francisco, CA


BIOS Design Collective is a working group of academic and professional designers--Jess Austin, Ripon DeLeon, and Charles Lee--exploring the application of biological patterns to architecture. Technology is a biological process; a prosthetic extension of the human condition. BIOS Design Collective sees the built environment as a living organism, dynamic and evolving in symbiosis with our own evolution. The environments and objects that BIOS Design Collective constructs are inseparable from our biological selves in that they buffer, amplify and filter our interactions with the world around us.