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Silicon Valley is known as a place for new and emergent technology. One thing that drives this development is the community’s overarching culture of exchange that bridges the gap between different ideas and disciplines. People don’t often recognize that there is an important connection between technology and art. They both require a high level of innovation, collaboration and experimentation. Advancements in technology continually open possibilities for creating exciting new art forms and vice versa. Today, it is becoming harder to separate where technology ends and where art begins. Glass blowing has been around for over two millennia. Although the techniques and tools have not changed much over the years, recent advancements in technology have significantly changed the face of glass.

Historically, glass was made exclusively in large factories by teams of glassblowers. With the development of smaller more efficient furnaces in the 1960‘s came the creation of private glassblowing studios and new possibilities for the individual artist to work with glass. This year we celebrate Fifty Years of the Studio Glass Movement and the advent of new technology. The Bay Area Glass Institute invites you to our studio to watch as innovation and experimentation come to life. Come watch as teams of glass artists collaborate, create and sculpt 2000 degree molten glass. We have lined up an All-Star cast of some of the best glass makers in the Bay Area to create your designs in glass. In this interactive program, local and internationally known glass artists will choose designs presented to them by the audience then collaborate to make them in glass. Audience participation is not only encouraged but is essential to the spirit of innovation and exploration. Along with the glass blowing, we will have fusing and flame working demonstrations happening throughout the day. Finished pieces will be on display throughout the ZERO1 Biennial in BAGI's Gallery.

Date: September 15, 2012

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