ZERO1 App Lab
Is a community driven initiative by ZERO1 to create an open API and collaborative mobile app for the ZERO1 biennial. The App Lab worked with three groups to mentor, lead, and learn. The overall goal of the app was to create a social science experiment exploring how an app can create community and a seamless visitor experience for the ZERO1 Biennial. It uses a variety of techniques and practitioners that include but are not limited to: social media, randomized social interactivity, digital visualisation, geo location, mapping, storytelling, crowd sourcing, and community curation.


 Download the ZERO1 Biennial App 





Living Map Project

The Living Map Project is a real time depiction of the space occupied by visitors to the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial created by Helen Mair, Jonathan Hearn, & James Stone. It was conceived in response to the Biennial's theme "Seeking Silicon Valley" – redefining space and place through contemporary art. 

The Living Map Project will be available for viewing starting September 12, 2012.



The Artist team was selected by a jury of the Tech Advisory Committee during the HackFlux weekend at TheGlint in San Francisco in June 2012. 

Graphics UI/UX: Helen Mair
iOS/Android: Anna Billstrom
REACT Backend: Kelsey Innis
ZERO1 API developed by: Ravjiv Patel from Lift Projects and Dan Zeitman from Film Fest

The Core Team is a group of volunteers and interns who assisted the Artist team and were mentored by both the Artist team and the Tech Advisory Committee.

Project Management: Tyson Frederick
Design/Data Input: Athena Chow
Technical: Mukul Panchal, Kshitij Shah, Charuta Seith, Esther Park

The Tech Advisory committee is a group of leader in the tech, start-up and Maker communities in San Francisco. Their role is to lead, advise and inform ZERO1 on projects such as the App Lab and similar initiatives. 

Dan ZeitmanRajiv Patel, Brendan Wypich, Doniece Sandoval, Michael Shiloh, Myles WeisslederSian MorsonSarah Nahm, Greg Gopman.

APP LAB DIRECTOR:  Danielle Siembieda

The Glint for hosting the APP Lab HackFlux