Pixelation of Place / Anne-Marie Gregg

Commissioned by the Pacific Art League, ZERO1 and the San Jose Public Art Program with support from the National Endowment for the Arts

Pixelation of Place (2012) consists of two works on paper that will be exhibited as part of the ArtHERE program at the Pacific Art League, Palo Alto from September 12-December 8, 2012.

Pixelation of Place serves as an artistic commentary on the urban development and technological advances which took place in Silicon Valley between 1954 -1999. My work will translate historical imagery through an optical re-envisioning designed to mimic current technology. My artistic reinterpretations of two historic photographs will be created square-by-square in hand colored illustration. On the Ground, 2012 reinterprets Ken McLaughlin’s 1954 photograph of construction in the Silicon Valley. The image depicts early efforts during the conversion of a field into the Palo Alto Shopping Center on the Stanford Campus. The pixilation of the image will convey a contemporary digitization of this historic moment. The second piece, In the Air, 2012 is based on a 1999 aerial view of the Silicon Valley taken by the NASA Ames Research Center. I will reduce the complexity and expansive depiction of the Silicon Valley by reducing the image using graphing to “pixelate” the landscape. Through my artistic methodology of pixilation by graphing I am revising their historical meaning by symbolically blending the technological advancements achieved in the Silicon Valley with the images creating Pixelation of Place.

This project will be exhibited as 
part of the ArtHERE program at the 
Pacific Art League (668 Ramona Street, Palo Alto)
from September 12-December 8, 2012
Free and open to the public

Anne-Marie Gregg

lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA Gregg earned her BFA in Studio Art and Art History. She completed her Master’s Degree at the University of Southern California in Public Art Studies: Art/Curatorial Practices her research and writing focused on the Los Angeles River and related artistic practices. Her passion for the arts has led her to focus on programs and highlight art exhibition, implementation, education, community outreach and public reception. Gregg has created and produced art projects with the IKON gallery in Birmingham, England, Hamilton High School, LACER Afterschool All Stars, The HeART Project, The Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Padres Contra El Cancer, UCLA Afterschool Arts programs, Watts House Project, and Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alternative High School. Through personal projects and artistic undertakings she continues to examine how relationships morph. She is forever exploring new media and traditional methodologies as a means of creative extension and a reflection of her experiences.